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Private investigations and accurate reporting are an imperative necessity while working in the complex world of new financial instruments (Securitized Mortgages, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Investment Funds, Commercial Investments and Partnerships, etc). By the time the client has requested foreclosure defense services a high percentage are currently experiencing some type of foreclosure action by a financial institution associated with their mortgage. It is important that our clients fully understand the truth of what is happening in order to avoid becoming a victim of the foreclosure practices utilized today. Investigative Reports and Audits are essential and crucial when it pertains to the client’s financial investments.

Does my Bank want to help me? 

No, it is a simple fact that banks have no financial incentive to do so.  The Government programs currently in effect make it more profitable for lenders and servicers to foreclose on properties. This is made clear in the January 4, 2012 “White Paper” Report from the Federal Reserve to Congress (emphasis ours):

The resulting surge of delinquencies (figure 4) has overwhelmed the housing finance system. Mortgage servicers were unprepared for the large number of delinquent borrowers and failed to invest the resources necessary to handle them properly, resulting in severely flawed and, in some cases, negligent servicing practices. 

Realty Law Resources - Our Mission

Realty Law Resources seeks to educate and inform homeowners about the avenues of relief that are available to them in reference to their home mortgage. Practices and procedures in the mortgage industry have evolved and taken drastically different avenues over the past twenty years. With the introduction of securitization of mortgages and home equity lines of credit, banks, with the assistance of Wall Street, have created many different types of security vehicles that utilize the Promissory Note executed by the homeowner. These RMBS (Residential Mortgage Backed Securities) are converted into certificates which are underwritten by investment groups and used as financial instruments which are ultimately sold to investment portfolios. 

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